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Ty Weichhart is a talented voice actor with over 20 years of experience in television and radio communications. Having spent many years behind the camera, Ty has a gift for sensing what producers want from their talent and meets those demands in a cooperative and professional manner.

Rock solid in vocals, Ty also strikes a commanding pose with his 6'3" frame that works very well in live, on-stage contexts and in film or video.

On or off camera, Ty Weichhart delivers consistent results in a wide range of settings. To contact Ty, please email him or call him at 510-522-8100.


Experience Venue Contact
Show Announcer Woodminster Theater H. James Schlader
Sports Announcer Damn Yankees H. James Schlader
O/C Host/Reporter PG&E News Magazine Debra Moreno
Voice Over PG&E Training Videos Various Independent Producers
Voice Over Mervyn’s
(Management Program)
Weichhart Productions
Voice Over PG&E Energy Services
Promotional CD-ROM
Weichhart Productions
Voice Over Club Nautique Sailing Weichhart Productions


Please contact Ty directly for a current list of radio and television commercials.


Training Location Contact
B.A. in Communications Cal State Chico  
Acting Cal State Chico Ted Wendt
TV and Radio Announcing Cal State Chico George Rogers
The Masters Program The Voice Factory Taylor Korobow
Directing Yourself The Voice Factory Taylor Korobow
Dialog Intensive The Voice Factory Taylor Korobow
Taylor’s Invitational The Voice Factory Taylor Korobow
Talent Agent Connection The Voice Factory S.F. Franchised Agent
Voice Coaching Producers Associates H. James Schlader


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Ty Weichhart Resume
Ty Weichhart